Application Process

  1. Initial Application: The process of receiving a lawsuit advance from Legal Finance Lawsuit Funding begins with the lawsuit funding application. 
  2. Representation: To qualify for lawsuit funding, you must be represented by an attorney. If you are not represented by an attorney, you can use our Attorney Referral Service to locate an attorney to represent you.
  3. Documentation: Legal Finance Lawsuit Funding will contact your attorney to request documentation. We do not run a credit report and we do not request employment verification – as a bank would – because your lawsuit advance is based on the quality of your legal claim, not your financial ability to pay back the funds.
  4. Review by an Underwriter: A Legal Finance Lawsuit Funding underwriter will review the supporting documentation to determine (a) if you quality for lawsuit funding and (b) how much you qualify to receive. Should you not qualify to receive funding for your lawsuit, we will notify you. Our review will cost you nothing, and you are free to apply for funding elsewhere.
  5. Legal Finance Lawsuit Funding will send a Legal Finance Agreement to your attorney to review. It details the amount you are being advanced against your lawsuit and the repayment terms. You will review and sign the Legal Finance Agreement and have your attorney fax it back to us.
  6. Funding Agreement: Legal Finance Lawsuit Funding will immediately send the money to you. If you wish, we will overnight the check to you. Or we can wire transfer the funds to your bank.

  1. Additional Funding: Should you find in a few months that your lawsuit has not settled and you still need cash, you can apply to Legal Finance Lawsuit Funding for additional funding against your lawsuit.
  2. Repayment: When your lawsuit settles or goes to trial, and you receive a settlement, your attorney will repay your advance to Legal Finance Lawsuit Funding when (s)he disburses the funds from your settlement.
  3. No Settlement: Should you and your attorney fail to reach a settlement or if you go to trial and lose, you keep the cash you received from us, and you owe Legal Finance Lawsuit Funding nothing!
  4. Speeding Up the Process: If you have a pressing need for cash, go to our Expedite Your Application page to learn how to speed up the application process. Expedited processing of your lawsuit funding application is a unique service offered exclusively by Legal Finance Lawsuit Funding.

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