DIY Storage: Coin Storage for the Little Ones!

Last week, I started the DIY Storage challenge with the box tops post. I say challenge because I am challenging myself to use empty bottles, containers, and boxes in my home as storage. I have a nice trashcan full of them at the moment.

You can be organized and not have to spend a fortune in the process!

This week, I am using left over parmesan cheese containers as coin storage for my kiddos. They will be able to keep them in their rooms and save money. My daughter loves to collect change for random gumball machines in stores and restaurants.

coin storage 1

 Step 1: Clean & Remove Labels

It is important that you start with a clean container. You sure don’t want pests hanging around your storage.

coin storage 2
coin storage 3

Step 2: Apply Scrapbook Paper

I had originally planned to use washi tape on the outside of the containers. Well, when I peeled off the label and the one with the orange lid was completely glued to the container, I had to take a different route.

So, I visited my scrapbook paper storage and decided that it was the perfect solution.

coin storage 4

First, using scissors (yes, my daughter’s scissors), I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the outside of the containers perfectly.

coin storage 5

Then, using glue, I applied the scrapbook paper to the outside of the containers. I used a hot glue gun, but I would suggest a different type of glue. I had to be careful because the hot glue was trying to melt the plastic.

coin storage 6
coin storage 7

Step 3: Cover the Scrapbook Paper Edge

Once I glued the scrapbook paper on, I noticed a nasty edge that stuck out. Using washi tape, I covered the seam.

I think the washi tape looks a lot better than the raw edge. I made sure to match the washi tape to the scrapbook paper.

coin storage 8
coin storage 9

Step 4: Apply a Decorative Initial or Design

Using cardboard letters I had at home, I applied an initial to the outside of each container. Now, my kids know which coin container belongs to them.

coin storage 10
coin storage 11
coin storage 12
coin storage 13

I think it is safe to say my daughter loved this project. She didn’t even let the inside of the container dry before adding her change and running off with it. She actually slept with it on our nightstand.

coin storage 14

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